Buh-Bye 2012

I don’t know about you, but 2012 was just a miserable year. Period. Then again, we all say that every time a new year rolls around, but this time I mean it.

I hear 13 is a lucky number. So I’m going to patiently wait for the knight in shining armor to show up at my doorstep and go through a few resolutions I plan to stick to.

1 – Don’t wait for the Knight to show up at your door. Ain’t happenin’

2 – Jog. Yes, I’ve decided to get my butt off my chair and actually see what the outside of my .house looks like. I even bought one of those cool Nike+ wristbands I’m still waiting on. Although, honestly, their customer service could use a little help. Shipping between 3 and 9 days? What is this…. like 1999 all over again?

3 – Forget 2012. Oh wait, I already mentioned that. Learn Dutch then. That’s the new goal. Why Dutch? God only knows.

4 – Become socially acceptable again. Working from home has turned me into a freak of nature, where the sight of a human being makes me want to run to the gun store and point something shiny at them.

5 – Stop drinking and smoking. Yeah….. right.

6 – Record my memories and past live(s). I want to remember the fun stuff and put it down on *paper* so to speak, so I can feel like I’m venting at my terrible HP laptop.

7 – Give my friends and family a little love. Been in a bad place for the past year and time to move on to better grounds. I hear it helps to have someone to talk to 🙂

8 – Excel at work and show those that have NO clue on what they’re doing that I can do it better.

9 – Avoid flaunting the fact that I can do it better than them….. I hear it’s against policy.

10 – Final resolution : Become a better person. Whatever that means. But it’s a plan and I’m stickin’ to it


Viva 2013.



Second Childhood Memory

Andy. Just the name says it all. We moved to the East Coast in this upper class family home and I was lost. And there, Andy showed up, all of 2 years old, wearing diapers and nothing else. And he came to me and asked me if I wanted to play.

Andy has the most gorgeous blonde hair and blue eyes. I was smitten the second I saw him. Between 3 and 9, I stayed in this small town in upstate New York and became friends with his 5 brothers and sister. We created “trails” like we liked to call them : the Jenny trail, the Andy trail, the Holy Mary trail (at that time, I was still a believer in the Catholic church) and we would venture to George’s, the local grocery store, to buy popsicles at 5 cents a piece. George would offer them to us for free many times, since we had little to no money to spend.

Andy was a gem. We had a pretend wedding when we were 7 and we announced to the family that we would be faithful and live together forever. Moving to North Dakota killed that dream, but I always wonder what happened to him. He went to Duke, was diagnosed as bi-polar (so I hear) and recently wed and had a child. Somewhere, Andy is still waiting for me in my childhood dreams.

I remember beating him with a stick and him running home to his Mom to scold me…. I was screaming after him, asking him not to tell, but it was too late. I was forbidden from seeing him for a few days — which seemed like a lifetime ago.

Back then, Andy and I would walk home from school together. About a mile from our houses. No one thought anything of it, kids were free to roam and be happy. No helmets, no overbearing parents. Just 2 kids stopping by Friendly’s to get an ice cream cone made of mint chocolate chip and stop by the railroad tracks to scour for the next train to pass. 

I miss Andy. He can’t be found on all of the social media networks, but he was my first true friend. 

First childhood memory

I was either 2 or 3…. we were based on the West Coast of the United States due to my dad’s work and I remember climbing our white fence, with white flowers on the trees. Our new dog, a collie, was young and playful and kept knocking me over.

I grew up in a multi-lingual home, with a French mother and an American father, who both looked stunning together : unfortunately the whole thing turned ugly the day Mom decided to take us back to the ‘homeland’.

Back to my first memory. It was spring/summer. Everything was white. My dog was my companion, along with my favorite ‘toy’ I have kept all of these years. Mom would sing to me in French. Dad would come home, in his full military uniform, dressed as a true soldier and I remember the shiny objects on his vest when he wore his official uniform.

I remember being a happy baby. No sad moments until 3 before we moved to the East Coast. Life was pretty good. And Snoopy my beautiful pet remains by my side nearly 39 years later.

Kudos to you Snoopy. I’ve had to resow your nose, your ears, and you probably have those beads in you that are forbidden for children today. Yet, I’m not dead yet, so chances are, this society has just gone to hell with their security and safety warnings…..Imagepet

Here I go…..

Afer blogging professionally for a few years now, I’ve been told it’s time to start recording memories down on a blog. I’ve had a rich and full life (before I even hit the 40 mark) and don’t want to miss out on the memories one day when I grow old.

This is a persona l blog, affiliated with no other than my personal stories. They may include work situations, but I will keep these protected (ya never know when Big Brother is watching).

Either way,the events I will tell are out of sync. Some will pop into mind, others recent, but overall, it’s a discovery of myself and who I have become. For those who stumble upon this blog, apologies ahead of time. I may appear crude at times 🙂