A sadder childhood memory

As much as I loved Andy as a friend, his brothers were sometimes tough on me. As much as I was infatuated with Danny, there were many other brothers to contend with.

Michael was the oldest. He decided, at the ripe old age of 17, that it would be OK to ask an 8 year old to perform oral sex on him. Now, honestly, I cannot remember what age I was (between 6 and 9) but he would hide in the bushes and ask me to perform oral sex. He would call it a “lollipop” and tell me to grind it up and down.

This happened in the bushes behind his house and in the den when no one was around. I had no idea what to do at that age and was always instructed to follow adults so I tried to please him as best I could so I could go playing with Andy again.

Mom started using him as a babysitter for me, which turned into a nightmare. He would sit in front of the TV with his pants open and calling for me. I was terrified. I remember trying to read a paper (wall street journal?) and him saying “you can’t read that don’t give me that crap”.  Abuse would ensue.

One night, when I found out Michael would be babysitting, I had a fit (according to mom). I hid behind the kitchen table and said I could not do that. Maman’s reaction was immediate : she turned to Greg (Dad)  and said that something was wrong to and to cancel all plans

Thankfully this stopped the sexual harassment. Andy ended up getting married and having kids, but once I heard Michael had a girl ,I was extremely upset. I hope he doesn’t do the same he did to me…


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