How to deal with work and live balance

I spent many years getting to the point where I would have to make this choice. I was always hellbent on my career, making sure I did the right thing, and looking like a superstar after the fact. The problem is that I completely neglected my personal life and ended up living very lonely for many years.

Multiple men proposed to me. I declined every time. My goal was to prove that, without official education, I could do better than anyone out there. And I think I proved my point. I don’t want to compare myself to Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, but I really felt I had the potential to make things happen and all that stopped me from it was a piece of paper worth 200k to tell me I could do it.

 I’m there. I worked hard. Harder than most and did what I could to become that person people could trust.  I never felt like college degrees were a source of official revenue, but believed that hard work and proof could get you there.

Yes,, it’s been a struggle. An uphill battle with those that feel that a degree in “drinking their faces off” allows them a certain advantage. While they were doing that, I was working 3 jobs, attending school part time and had no help from my family whatsoever.

In that sense, I feel superior. I hate the word, but frankly, I never did the frat parties or hanging out places… I was always working, fighting and bettering myself. If that makes me a lesser person, so be it. 

I earned my place in hardship. What did you white collars do to get into these schools? 


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