What the F…..

I’ve been in this dream world with a man that says he wants kids, live in a happy home, yet spends his time texting and doesn’t want to meet me.

So I continue on my way. Next step is Paris, then Amsterdam for a week of work/pleasure. A few weeks later, I will be on a plane to Las Vegas and most likely another plane to Orlando a few weeks after that.

I understand he’s scared. After all, he’s 48, wants kids and never wants to imagine divorce. But texting isn’t the way to go about ‘observing’ a person, you need to see them and interact before you determine whether they are fit for you or not. Not to gloat, but I am a pretty damn good catch. Well into the 6 figures, no children, no exes, no baggage…. and yet I am ready to support what he has to deal in life.  Great: he has a great job that makes great money. Fantastic: he has a property he bought that most would kill for.

But my expectations are to find someone that loves me, adores me, and treats me like his woman. I can be the beer drinking, loud mouthed type as well, but I have found a way to use both my intellectual and my redneck roots to skill, so he will never be embarrassed. Instead, he is retreating into his family domain and not letting me in

This could be critical to a relationship that would have lasted and been fruitful. My gut feeling tells me he’s hiding something. What…. I don’t know.


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