Shopping nightmare

So I am one of those odd girls that *hates* shopping. And I mean it.

Whether it be clothes, food, or anything else, I get antsy around people in the store and just want to buy my stuff and get the hell out of there.

Today was another epic journey : how to run a marathon in Stop n’ Shop in less than 30 mins with all of the goods I had to buy (of course, I only go when the cat food is out and everything else is out of stock).

I frantically raid the shelves, don’t pay attention to prices, get to the counter as fast as possible and it just feels like the nightmare is over. Until they ask you for their ‘preferred card’. So I spend a minute rooting for my card to hand over to them and the more I wait, the more impatient I get.

I read a blog post on WordPress about someone being homesick. I think I’m “shoppingsick”. If you can get me in and out in less than 10 minutes, I would applaud your reward with multiple gifts. Unfortunately, you have to spend time behind the EBT holders, those that can’t find their cards, and those that frankly cannot figure out the Debit feature on the little screen.

Enough to make you want to go postal. The good news is that I have stuff to live with for a few weeks at least and will be traveling, so hopefully I can avoid screaming children in Aisle 2  and peeps walking in Snoopy pajamas thinking they’re the bomb.

Thank God. 2 more weeks of avoidance 🙂


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