Sailing… and the unexpected….

I finally finished my 3 day course in ASA 101 and feel like I learned a new language. I am now able to tie a knot, learn to jibe, tack and realized just how much the sea is at one with a boat. OK, the the course I went through was a 101 for a 20-25 footer boat and my boyfriend has a boat triple that size, but still, knowing that I can handle certain knots, raise lines, and help out on deck was a HUGE deal. Now I can somewhat proudly say that I can help on a sail boat, versus sit there and look dumb as everyone scrambles around me and gets the real work done.

Tomorrow’s task will be to wax the boat. After all of the black and blues I got from last week-end just picking up logs and branches, I fear for the worst. I hear waxing is a painstaking, elbow jerking activity…. and although my better half could easily find someone to do it for him for a cost, we spend the time to do it ourselves. In that way, I feel one with the sea.

An Alden 52 is no joke. This boat is massive and when I realize what I am getting into, I wonder if I can handle the job.  Sometimes I wish golf was just the hobby… so much easier to handle and navigate!

Spring is finally here in New England and it feels like a breath of fresh air. So much to do, so little time. I’m joining a 100 mile bike race  end of September (not having a road bike mind you) and looking to buy one tomorrow. This should be an interesting experience : especially when your other half says he needs your ring finger size to determine which bike to use…. hmmmm…. something sounds out of whack to me. Girls, whaddya think?

Either way, this season sounds promising. So much fun outside, riding bikes, sailing along the coastline, learning new hobbies and meeting new people. It’s like I have waited 38 years for this to happen and it’s finally coming into place. Like a puzzle I am finally figuring out which part fits what. Which makes me want to say to any woman out there : be strong, resilient, live your life independently and never trust a man to make your destiny. If he is right for you, the time will come. It took me a long time to get here but I think I’m at that tipping point (Gladwell’s book — thank you for the reference).

Time to pack up and make it to our “home”. One day I may be able to take those quotation marks out of the sentence. Either way, I’ve had a ball getting here.


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