Periscope vs Meerkat : A Battle of the Titans

Meerkat vs Periscope

So, what’s my peer group have to say about #Meerkat vs #Periscope at this point?

I have done both so far, one with a product launch in Missouri (Meerkat and a very creative team) and a Periscope last week in New York City in a very much less creative team.

The results seem to show that Meerkat gave it a much stronger background to users, less hefty user requirements that ban creativity, and showed users a simple platform that would allow them to dominate the market;

The problem I face as a brand isn’t me (Jenn). It’s those that feel we need to comply to a certain standard in a marketing world that would lead to Twitter’s domination of said video UG market and how we use it going forward.

In my opinion, there is no curbing the user, Rules & Regulations have gone the way of the dodo… and trying to contain our conversations based on strict campaign guidelines, rules & regulations will leave us only into temptation ; the kind the company will not want for.

It comes down to David & Goliath. Will Twitter push Periscope for all video attempts on its platform or allow for multiple vendors to give it a whirl before deciding which will perform best?


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