Lucky Number 13

Man…. when I started this blog, all I could do was hope and pray for a better year. I mean…. 13 is a lucky number, right?

Turns out my entire life is colliding right now. Between a possible (huge) promotion at work, and this man who looks like he’s coming out of an old Spice commercial (remember this one? , I’m thinking someone came and knocked me upside the head.

There’s something twisted about waiting all of these years for at least ONE bloody thing to happen, and now both at the same time? Really? Not that I am complaining, but can I get some time to reel over the first drama before the second comes out of nowhere?

I’m off to play the lottery. This can’t be real. Me, happy? Hah… what a concept


Buh-Bye 2012

I don’t know about you, but 2012 was just a miserable year. Period. Then again, we all say that every time a new year rolls around, but this time I mean it.

I hear 13 is a lucky number. So I’m going to patiently wait for the knight in shining armor to show up at my doorstep and go through a few resolutions I plan to stick to.

1 – Don’t wait for the Knight to show up at your door. Ain’t happenin’

2 – Jog. Yes, I’ve decided to get my butt off my chair and actually see what the outside of my .house looks like. I even bought one of those cool Nike+ wristbands I’m still waiting on. Although, honestly, their customer service could use a little help. Shipping between 3 and 9 days? What is this…. like 1999 all over again?

3 – Forget 2012. Oh wait, I already mentioned that. Learn Dutch then. That’s the new goal. Why Dutch? God only knows.

4 – Become socially acceptable again. Working from home has turned me into a freak of nature, where the sight of a human being makes me want to run to the gun store and point something shiny at them.

5 – Stop drinking and smoking. Yeah….. right.

6 – Record my memories and past live(s). I want to remember the fun stuff and put it down on *paper* so to speak, so I can feel like I’m venting at my terrible HP laptop.

7 – Give my friends and family a little love. Been in a bad place for the past year and time to move on to better grounds. I hear it helps to have someone to talk to 🙂

8 – Excel at work and show those that have NO clue on what they’re doing that I can do it better.

9 – Avoid flaunting the fact that I can do it better than them….. I hear it’s against policy.

10 – Final resolution : Become a better person. Whatever that means. But it’s a plan and I’m stickin’ to it


Viva 2013.