Knight in Shining Armor

So, met my future husband (he doesn’t know that yet) for lunch today again and all I could see were these big brown eyes and flashing white teeth while we chatted. He’s so into his profession, fund raising, living life to the fullest, that I want to suck the energy out of him and take advantage of his compassion.

He sees the glass half full at all times. If I even told you what he did in life, you would laugh. It’s basically the worst possible job you could imagine doing unless you plan to make money, but he finds comfort in helping people through their stress.

I feel like I met the man of my dreams. He’s everything I have ever wanted. Yet, something separates us from being together. Our careers collide, but our motivations are the same. What to make of this other than to laugh about it and ignore what is ultimately going to happen to us…..