So how……

Can you be in love with someone without having carnal knowledge of them? I’m astounded to see how many emotions fly when this man walks into my life. If he were to ask me to spend the rest of my life with him, I would. And yet, a short kiss is all it took. 

Has anyone else felt the same? Is it a gut feeling, or just something that may be real? All I want to do is protect him (the Cancer in me) and I’m willing to wait it out. We’re both adults, yet we’re taking it slow…. to a crawl. But he makes me laugh, he’s truthful and he’s a gem. I cannot imagine my life without him after so few weeks spent together.

Something has got to give. This can’t be real. All of my previous relationships were built on solid facts, not this ideal that is similar to a ‘groupie’ feel!  What to do about this???


Last night….

Was one of the best nights of my life. I spent it with this same secretive, discrete, loving and ambitious man. Turns out he isn’t very good at technology, but I am, and I think he found an excuse to get me to ‘help’ him in that department.

Long story short, although we want to take it very slow, we had a wonderful day. Saw his new property (I am in love with the ocean as is he), listened to him recount his dreams, sat by the ocean listening to the waves, and went to eat in a lovely restaurant nearby.

No effort in the conversation, we always had something to say. We ‘connect’ in a way I am not sure I ever have before. He’s so gentle and warm, yet guarded and protective. We ended the night watching the Oscars at his house and hit ‘first base’. I did not initiate it for the record 😉

It’s hard to imagine, but I could see myself spending the rest of my life with him. There’s something that is so special about him, I’m afraid to say what I feel, for fear of losing this.

Time will tell