Could it be….?

Could it really be that I *might*, just *might* have met the man of my dreams? I’ve been told I intimidate men, that they are looking for housewives, not go-getters. Those who stuck around were generally the loser type (i.e. no ambition, no motivation, no drive). I’ve always said : I would marry a guy who picks up garbage if he had the motivation to be the head of the garbage department. Regardless of money, but someone I could talk to on a political front, religion, argue about it and understand that we don’t need to change them, but that everyone is entitled to this type of conversation.

Well, I think fate bumped into me a few months ago. I thought I had hit it off with a colleague (having known him for 9 months generally would mean you would know this person pretty well when you have to deal with them hours weekly). Then someone else inquired on my status : I was unsure of what to say.

Long story short, that colleague was an utter disaster. His daughter is pregnant at 16, he lives in a haze of alcohol and cigarettes, his other daughter is a failure. Even through all of that, I tried to be nice, but it was obvious this wasn’t going to be a ‘winner’.

Back to guy number 2. Now, remember, I have no remembrance of meeting him for the first time (the pain I felt that day was unbearable for various reasons) but we ended up meeting last week. And it was love at second sight. 

Is that even an expression? He’s not what I pictured I would be with, but he’s responsible, quiet, driven, ambitious, serene and wants kids. My god, where did this gem pop in from?

I don’t want to jinx this…… next blog post to follow