Remembering the little things

Remember when you could walk anywhere and play anywhere under the age of 10 without your parents hovering over you to make sure some weird stalker wasn’t tracking you down?

I think the worst thing I ever heard (and the only time my parents got concerned) was around Halloween time when we were given candy : there was a rumor that some people were putting razors in the candy, so we would have to check the candy out before we could eat it.

My best costume had to be when I was Raggedy Ann and Andy was Raggedy Andy. We scored big time on treats that year. I feel like Halloween had a special feeling to it and less commercial than it is today. Maybe because I don’t have kids, but it just feels like everything is always about money now. I mean… seriously…. if you don’t gift at Christmas (regardless of whether you’re Christian or not), you get “that” look. You know the look. The Scrooge in me battles gifting for the hell of gifting. If I want to, I’ll shower those I love. For others, formalities are not my thing.

red hots small

Does anyone even eat Red Hots anymore? Remember those gigantic cinnamon balls you could get at 2 cents a piece and could choke on in a minute flat? Your whole mouth would turn this ugly red color and I don’t EVEN want to know what was in those. I blame a few cavities and broken teeth from those monsters.

Remember when everyone was skinny and actually sat down at a table to eat? I’m the first to admit I don’t do it anymore, but family time used to be golden. No leaving the table, no tantrums, and a swat on the butt was common if you didn’t follow the rules. To this day, I think people have gone completely insane in this country on ‘protecting’ their kids.

There’s my rant for the day.  #liveitup