First childhood memory

I was either 2 or 3…. we were based on the West Coast of the United States due to my dad’s work and I remember climbing our white fence, with white flowers on the trees. Our new dog, a collie, was young and playful and kept knocking me over.

I grew up in a multi-lingual home, with a French mother and an American father, who both looked stunning together : unfortunately the whole thing turned ugly the day Mom decided to take us back to the ‘homeland’.

Back to my first memory. It was spring/summer. Everything was white. My dog was my companion, along with my favorite ‘toy’ I have kept all of these years. Mom would sing to me in French. Dad would come home, in his full military uniform, dressed as a true soldier and I remember the shiny objects on his vest when he wore his official uniform.

I remember being a happy baby. No sad moments until 3 before we moved to the East Coast. Life was pretty good. And Snoopy my beautiful pet remains by my side nearly 39 years later.

Kudos to you Snoopy. I’ve had to resow your nose, your ears, and you probably have those beads in you that are forbidden for children today. Yet, I’m not dead yet, so chances are, this society has just gone to hell with their security and safety warnings…..Imagepet